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Do You Know What The Hole On Your Saucepan Handle Is Meant For?

What's it like to have something right under your nose and not realise it. Well, quite devastating_ especially when someone else happens to point it out to you. Plan on letting you know of something that might have escaped most people_ something very ridiculous. This might actually make the ladies quite astonished as to not coming to the realisation earlier but it's quite normal, this isn't the first of such instances and it certainly won't be the last. Have you ever wondered why there happens to be a somewhat circular or oval sort of space cut out in your saucepan handles? Apparently, it isn't there for decoration_ it does have a use, one that makes a lot of sense. When cooking, we tend to stir a lot, and in doing so, our laddles and spatula become quite messy. After stirring, the comes the problem of putting the messy laddles somewhere for sometime before stirring again. Yeah, that is what the hole on the handle of the saucepan is intended for_ to hold the messy cooking spoons and laddles. Quite ridiculous that you never thought of it right? Well, don't keep this to yourself, share it with a friend.

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