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Simple And Affordable One Bedroom Self Contained House Designs For Small Families

Living in a very big house is not what makes it worth calling a home. It is all about how well you finish the house and the sort of comfort that it offers that makes it a home. If you are thinking of getting yourself a building, know very well that there is a very clear difference between a house and a home. A house I would say is a building that provides shelter, and serves as a place of living. A home on the other hand is a house that gives you all the comfort that you can get in a shelter.

I know that building a house with so many rooms is some sort of achievement and helps quite a lot, but what is the purpose of all the rooms if they don't give you comfort? Think about it, would you live in a six bedroom house that is not well furnished but has big rooms or you would live in a two bedroom house that is well furnished and gives you all the comfort a home can offer?

I will leave that question to you to ponder on, while you are into that, check out these amazing one bedroom self contained house plan ideas that will blow your mind. These designs are just perfect for a fresh family or even a bachelor. With these amazing designs, you can cut off rent and think of getting a bigger and better place, the castle you have always desired. Kindly click the follow button and check out my page for more stunning content.

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