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Social Media Users React To A Picture Of Dolls In Bottles

Social media users have been thrown into a state of surprise following the picture of dolls in a bottle. 

For the past few hours, the said picture has generated wild attention which has sent tongues wagging from all quarters. 

The picture comes with two bottles which have dolls in them. One of the bottles contain a doll believed to be female. The other bottle contains two dolls believed to be male and female. 

The intention behind the bottles are not immediately known but from enquiries made, this could represent a move to cast out demon. 

On the other hand, it could mean a prayer for a specific purpose, for which the one in need of divine intervention has been directed to follow. 

Social media users have been taken aback and are seeking immediate answers from those who have the answers. They are eager to satisfy their curiosity without hesitation. 

Based on the male and female dolls, some have interpreted it to mean asking for a male or female child from a particular source of worship. 

Different forms of views and explanations have been attributed to the picture whiles the right people with the relevant information are yet to come out. 

Probably, the days ahead may reveal the motive behind the picture. 

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