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Front of House vs Back of House: What's the Difference?

The restaurant and hospitality industries are full of talented individuals who work in various departments to create memorable guest experiences.

The front of house space is the perfect place to use decor to set the theme of your restaurant.

The front of house involves those areas and people who have direct contact with and are exposed to guests and customers.

The front of house is where one sets the aesthetic theme of the restaurant and makes it appealing for customers to walk into.

The back of house is where all the behind-the-scenes action takes place in a restaurant.

The back of house also serves as a place for employees and managers to do administrative work.

The back of house section of a restaurant or hotel will include such areas as the kitchen, employee restrooms, administrative office etc, and the staff, especially kitchen staff.

Whichever section they work in, it is with the combined efforts of both the front of house and back of house staff that a restaurant can carry out a successful business, and for this there should be excellent communication between the two sections.

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