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Top 7 beautiful Places.

When we talk about beauty,it is the combination of qualities,such as shape, colour or form. Another name for beauty is aesthetic. How can someone identify that, this thing is beautiful. A person can identify beauty only by his or her eyes,so this means that beauty is tangible.

In this case we are going to have the privilege to see the aesthetic countries,places and States.

1. China: China is one of the most beautiful country in the world. China has developed in road construction and many more.

2. Italy: is also another country which is beautiful.

3. Dubai is also one of the aesthetic place in India.

4 New York City is located in the Northeastern United States.

5. India is a country in South Asia, and it's part of the beautiful countries.6. Tokyo, Japan's busy capital, mixes the ultramodern and traditional, from neon-lit skyscrapers to historical temples. 7.Mumbai is also one of the beautiful city in India.

Mumbai has a unique qualities when it comes to beauty.

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