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She Can turn into a fish at night and she has a spiritual family under the sea.

A young Ghanaian upcoming female musician who goes by the name Nyevile (Sea) has narrated how she was dedicated to the sea when they gave birth to her as a baby.

My mum was having issues with child birth, before she gave birth to me there was a prophecy that if she give birth to me and doesn't dedicate me to the sea I will die. So when my parents gave birth to me they dedicated me to the sea and they actually left me on the sea and went home which they came back four days time. When they came after the four days, they have to pray for the sea to bring me back.

That particular time I was a baby so I couldn't remembered anything until I grew up that I knew where I belongs to and I can communicate with the marine spirits and I can do everything with them. I have a family out there in the sea because I was taken to the sea for four days. My hair wasn't cut and I was supposed to wear a particular dress but because of modernization here and there, they took me to different process so that I can live like normal human. I can be here and communicate with them but depending on what I want to do.

When I am with them they look like human beings in a different world like the way I see people here. I don't go there with my physical body but immediately I have something to do in the sea, I always found myself to be there. When I am also on the bed sleeping or alone and I want to communicate with them or something is hidden and I want to find out, I have to communicate with them to know what exactly it is.

The only thing that is dangerous is, when I am sleeping you don't have to on the light at night and because of that I don't want to live with anyone. If I am sleeping and you on the light, it means you are a sign of danger and you want to attack me. Because of that I may harm you spiritually. If you on the light, you may see a fish or something that comes from the sea which is not human but I will convince you that, you may see me turned into a fish.

I do go to church but my pastor is not aware of this and he doesn't see anything. I used to go for pray for me but the pastors always came and past which am expecting them to say something but they will not say anything. One thing I don't suppose to do is, I don't have to offend people intentionally but if I did that, it will hunt me. Another thing is that, I don't go to sea with people or swim, so if you are pushing me to the sea it means you are an enemy and you knew where I came from.

If I am sitting with you and I want to communicate or go to the sea, it won't take up to 3 minutes before we will finish because it doesn't delay like the physical conservation and the spiritual language is different from the way we speak on earth here.

You can't order me to take you there unless I myself appreciate you. Sometimes people are going through challenges and need help. If I want to help you, I can't take you there physically but I can talk to them to help you. Because if I am to take you there, you won't come back as a normal human and they have to take your soul at anytime they want. But to me am part of their family so they can't take my soul away.

There are buildings that we are living in there but it's not like the earth here. I don't want to go deep into it because I have my limit. They are also ladies who are coming from the sea but they can't stay here because that's where they were supposed to live but they only come to earth for a mission and after that, they will go back to the sea. But to me I don't belong there, I was dedicated to the sea that's why I can't go and stay there permanent. The people that can differentiate between the ladies who are coming from the sea and those that are from the earth is the powerful men of God or spiritualist.

During the interview when they asked her whether she pray to God? Nyevile said does, because he is the creator of everything.

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