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Freemasonry: here is the secret and charter that many members do not know

Freemasonry is a secret organization whose members are recruited by co-optation or by the practice of initiation rites referring to a Masonic secret. According to our sources, this organization was founded around 1598 in Scotland (Schaw Statutes), then in England in the 17th century. It is based on social and historical phenomena.

The information gathered indicates that any person joining this organization, directly or indirectly, is obliged to submit to a set of regulations that they do not necessarily know. One charter among the many to which members must submit is not known to everyone.

Here is The Shocking Charter.

I swear and promise in front of the *** of the Universe to keep inviolably all the secrets which will be entrusted to me by this *** , not to write, trace, engrave or engrave them on any material, that I have not received the express permission and the manner that will be indicated to me, to love and help my brothers and to comply with all the regulations of the ****. I consent if I become perjury, to have my throat cut, my heart and entrails torn out, my body burnt and reduced to ashes, my ashes thrown in the wind and my memory in horror to all Masons.

The desire to enter Freemasonry is not enough to be a member. Even if it is possible to apply. All members are there by invitation.

According to our sources, an application can be sent to a lodge for the integration of the secret organization. This application will be treated subsequently by a venerable. The venerable will in turn mandate a collaborator to initiate discussions with the recipient in order to verify the sincerity of the application.

After this step, the delegate will put the recipient in touch with two sponsors for sincere discussions. It is after these various meetings or stages and after having verified the sincerity of the application that the recipient will be invited to join a lodge.

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