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How to check the level of your cooking gas left using warm water

So we use this to find out how much gas is left in the gas cylinder. As? Well, we will pour hot water on the side of the gas cylinder to heat the steel. Steel above the gas level retains heat longer than Steele below the gas level. This makes it feel warmer above the gas level and cooler below the gas level. The point at which you will feel the temperature change is the gas level in the bottle.

How to check how much gas is left in your gas cylinder?

This test works with all sizes of cooking gas

How much is in the gas bottle? DO NOT use boiling water as there is a risk of heat.

1. Water from the hot water faucet in your home should work fine.

2. Slowly pour hot water into one side of the gas bottle carefully. More water is better because it is easier to feel the temperature difference.

3. A condensation line may appear indicating the gas level. If not: wait a few seconds and then move your hand to the same side of the gas bottle where you poured the water.

4. You should feel the temperature change at the gas level. If you don't see a difference, the gas cylinder is probably empty.

Note: The test works better during or after using one of your liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) devices.

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