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Business Management analysis

Use Bay leaf and cloves to attract money and also to boom your business

Hi lovely people hope everyone is doing well am back with another amazing article which talks about Bay Leaf

if you are a business person or just need money, get bay leaves and cloves, write on 3 Bay leaves your desire or the amount of money you want to attract and burn the leaves and cloves on a thursday which is the day of jupiter and deals with money and business. cloves is associated with jupiter whereas bay leaves is associated with the sun and brings wishes to pass.

you can burn it alone it will work, but if i was doing it for myself i will add a blue or green candle. blue corresponds with thursday and green corresponds with money. either one of these colours works. with cloves you can’t burn them on the candle so use a cauldron or any ceramic bowl. also with the bay leaves be careful not to get your fingers burned.




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