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The Easiest Way To Clean Iron Stains.

There is nothing comfortable like wearing a crispy and neatly ironed shirt. However most people do not enjoy the ironing process because their irons are not appealing.

Whatever causes the coloration of the iron makes it either stick to your shirt or discolour it. It can even cause your shirt to burn quite easily

The good news is that the stains, even the very stubborn ones, can easily be removed. All you will need is a source of power, any tooth paste and a piece of toilet roll.

Step one 

Plug the iron till it becomes slightly hot. Unplug it again.

Step two

Put some paste on the peice of toilet roll. 

Step three

Making sure your fingers do not touch the hot plate of the iron, use the toilet roll with the toothpaste to clean the stains on the iron. Repeat the cleaning till all the stains are gone.

Some people use chalk to clean the stains but the toothpaste is the most effective.

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