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[PHOTOS]: The Lady Who Has Lived In 'Reverse' For 30 Years.

This article is about a lady who has lived in 'reverse' for 30 years and still counting.

Life hits everyone differently. And this is the reason why everyone defines it in their own way. The lady is called Maria. And her mother is called Ancilla.

Well, Maria completely cannot control her body at all, especially high left hand and leg that she always keeps using to crawl on the ground, because it is the only way that she can ever manage to move.

It is unbelievable. But Maria is 30 years old. And no one can tell just by looking at her, except the people in this village that know her from the time she was born until today. And her mother too.

She says that she gives birth to two children who are girls. And Maria was the oldest and the other girl was five years younger than her. At that point, everything was completely fine. And they had no problem at all.

Until let's face it right now her daughter is 30 years old. And she is living in this kind of life. Yet her younger sister is now married. And she has two children. They live in this society to a bit far from here.

Before everything started, Maria was playing outside for a while. She came and told her mother that she was dead, and she wanted to go to sleep and rest for a little while.

According to Ancilla this was the last time that she ever saw her daughter being normal. She slept for a long time, and ancilla good curious.

Ancilla says that when she found her daughter, she had urinated and defecated on herself. She was awake for many hours, but she had failed to move or even say a word. And up to now they still cannot tell what brought about this. They tried treatment, but it also failed.

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Ancilla Maria


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