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Beautiful pictures of the “ Tortsogbeza” celebrated this year

“Tortsogbeza” is a festival celebrated by the people of Sokpoe in the South Tongu district of the Volta region of Ghana. The festival is celebrated every year in the month of April/May

The “Tortsogbeza” which literally means ‘River Crossing Festival’ is celebrated to remember the historic crossing of the Volta Lake by their ancestors before they settled on the Sokpoe land in present day South Tongu district of the Volta Region.


The preparation for the festival starts on Thursday night by lighting of fire which is known in the Ewe language as “Dzodragbe”


Friday morning, the people of the community including their chiefs and elders cross the river from “Fievie” to “Bojolikwe” appearing in red. This process is also known as “Soso”. During this period they jump from the top of the Sogakope bridge into the river.


Saturday is the grand durbar at Christ Evangelical Mission Church premises. This is where the people of Sokpoe display their rich culture dances such as; “Atsagbikor”, “Atrikpe”, etc.


Sunday is the thanksgiving service at the same place the durbar was held.


Monday is the beach day also known as “Adzaben”

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River Crossing Festival Tortsogbeza


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