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The Hogbetsotso Festival

The Hogbetsotso celebration (articulated Hogbechocho) is commended by the bosses and individuals of Anlo in the Volta locale of Ghana. Some major Anlo towns incorporate Anloga (capital), Keta, Kedzi, Vodza, Whuti, Tegbi, Dzita, Abor, Afiadenyigba, Anyako, Konu, Alakple, Tsito, Atiavi, Deʋegodo, and numerous different towns. The celebration is praised yearly on the principal Saturday in the long stretch of November. The name of the celebration is gotten from the Ewe language and interprets as, the celebration of exodus or "coming from Hogbe (Notsie)"The festival of the celebration was initiated around forty years ago.

The Anlo is a gathering of individuals from a clan on the eastern shore of Ghana. Before their getting comfortable their current area, they lived in Notsie, a town in present-day Togo. It is accepted that they had relocated from southern Sudan to get comfortable Notsie.Oral custom has it that they lived under an underhanded lord, Togbe Agorkoli, and to get away from his overbearing guideline they needed to make an opening in the mud divider that encompassed their town. They accomplished this by training the ladies to pour all their wastewater on one specific spot in the wall.Over time the spot turned out to be delicate, subsequently permitting the residents to get through the divider and break. Custom additionally holds that, to evade pursuit and make great their departure, they strolled in reverse with their countenances towards the town so their impressions had all the earmarks of being going into the town.

Different functions are held during the celebration. They incorporate a harmony making period in which all debates are finished with the finding of a neighborly solution.It is accepted that the explanation behind this customary time of peacemaking is that individuals accept their precursors lived in amicability with themselves all through their getaway from Notsie and that it was this character that made their visit a success. There is likewise a purging function of the formal stools (where the Ewe accept the tribal spirits dwell) through the pouring of libations. This is trailed by broad cleaning where every one of the towns are cleared and waste consumed. This cleaning function begins at the Volta River and finishes following a few days at the Mono River in the Republic of Togo. The peak of the celebration includes a durbar of the bosses and people groups of Anlo. The bosses dress in vivid formal attire and get praise from their subjects at the durbar grounds. Various types of moving, singing and happy making describe the whole festival.

Agbadza is the conventional dance of individuals of Anlo which is performed vivaciously during the stupendous durbar of the Hogbetsotso celebration. It is a method of communicating bliss to their progenitors and divine beings. Agbadza can be performed anyplace, at gatherings, memorial services, and at naming functions. In this cutting edge age, anybody from any clan can play out the agbadza dance notwithstanding. Agbadza is an extraordinary dance undoubtedly.

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