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How to overcome being lazy and get motivated in life. Share your experience

The huge fact about being lazy and not getting motivated is that it is a lie, nobody is lazy and you are demotivated because you haven't found that thing that raises you up from bed yet. Laziness just means that you are not interested and you are not being moved to start anything. The real way to overcome this is by finding something that ignites your spirit, something that you are drawn to and can't wait to hop on in the morning. Something like a passion that lights the fire in you.

When you find this thing your spirit lights up and everything becomes new, you start realizing that you have never been lazy and lack of motivation is not your thing, you will realize that you haven't found your purpose yet and that's why you think you are lazy.

I have been through starvation twice in my life, once when I was too young to remember and once in my early 20s. As a young adult, try living a a few cedis a day. Take a long hard look at yourself, how you got there, and decide if you want to stay in that lifestyle or if you want to do something better. If you decide to do something better, find something you like and devote yourself to doing that. Once I got married I also thought of how poverty would affect my family, the idea of seeing my family living on a few cedis a day is all the motivation one needs to get back to work.

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