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Their Way Of Life Will Move You. Check Out The Tribe That Do Not Bath…

There are many tribes in the world. There are some of them who live in the jungles and their methods are quite different from modern civilization. There are many ways to live their lives, which will surprise to know.

If you are wondering why this tribe is strange, I am going to share with you some of their cultures. First thing to note, this tribe give sex for free to their guests and also they adorn newborn with bead necklaces. As if these are not enough, the tribe lives in isolation and is wary of external contacts. The people work hard to ensure that their beliefs and culture is not contaminated in any form by outsiders. You can see why we can be curious to know more about this people who have not accepted civilization. 

The Himba people in Namibia are a unique set of humans whose culture has a twist that most of us will find strange. The Himba are often called the Ovahimba or Omhimba people who live in the Kunene region of Namibia.

The Himba people are predominately livestock breeders and farmers while their women are preoccupied with gathering firewood, cooking and serving meals and sourcing for fresh water. Some of the villagers are socially inclined and very religious, reversing and worshiping their ancient gods. Polygamy is welcomed and young girls are married off at their early ages.

Surprisingly, these people do not bath with water. How strange this is. Before you are taking aback, the reason why they don’t bath with water is because of the harsh climatic situation in their region. The Himba people live in one of the most extreme environments; the harsh desert climate and the lack of portable water are the reasons why this tribe have difficulty getting a bath. 

Their lack of bath routine doesn’t mean that they look less pretty. When you find them on their traditional attire, they look great while some of the women flaunt their body and skin. Since, taking of bath is difficult, they make use of the red ochre on their skins and then make use of a daily smoke bath in order to maintain their hygiene.

A shouldering charcoal is dropped into a bowl filled with herbs and the smoke is allowed to ascend and the people bow over this smoking bowl and because of heat, the body perspires and helps in washing the body. 

What a strange way to take your bath. Bathing with smoke.

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Himba Namibia Tribe


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