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According To These Aged People, You Will Grow To Be Like Them If You Do These 9 Things

Living a long life with full of happiness and peace is something that most people around the globe would love to have but we don't normally get to choose what we want in life. In no doubt about half of the earth's Population would love to live long with a happy life before they become extinct.

Most often the young sees the aged and when they get to know their ages they get surprised because they don't know how they made it this far in life.

Normally and naturally trees are supposed to shed dry leaves to give way to the new or fresh leaves but can we say that this is happening in this contemporary world? No it isn't. This is the same thing that is happening in the human world the aged dies and the sound even die younger than we expected.

But it seems there is good news, because 9 aged people who fall above the age range of 80 and above have given the younger generation advices that can help them live long to be like them.

Below are the nine aged people, their age and their advice to the younger generation.

1. Helen is a 98 years old. Her advice to the current and younger generation is to Be Nice To Everyone.

2. And the second aged person who is 89 years old also said Take More Time to Enjoy Life.

3. The third person, Jean 85 years also advised that the younger generation should Be Kind To Everybody.

4. And with John who is a 92 years old man, he said they should Enjoy Every Moment

5. Lola is an 86 years old woman and she advised that the younger generation should Slow Down in life.

6. The sixth aged person who is the second man advised that they should be Financially Stable.

7. The third aged man who is 83 years old also revealed that one should Take Hold of Every Opportunity That Is Given To You.

8. Natalie is 99 years old and the oldest among them all. She said Always Be Happy With Yourself and Others

9. And the last person who is the 9th among aged person among them all also revealed that, Try To Love And Not To Hate

The above pictures and advices from the 9 aged people tells us how to live our lives and be alive for a long period of time before we depart from the surface of the earth.

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