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How to Read Anyone's Mind Instantly: Know What People Think About You

When God created mankind, He gave everything that man will ever need to survive on this earth. He gave us eyes and affection to see, know and associate with others. However, one powerful tool God never gave to mankind is to know what goes on in the head of others. He never gave mankind the free gift to see through the human head in order to know what people are thinking.

Nevertheless, he gave us knowledge and this knowledge will help determine what others are thinking or perceiving about you.

According to experts, we can read the minds of people when we critically pay attention to some specific things about them. Psychological experts opine that, whenever we meet people for the first time, 55 percent of what we portray comes from our body language, 38 percent from our tone of voice and 7 percent from what we say. Therefore, studying the body language of people will help you to know what they are actually thinking or perceiving about.

Let’s look at how to read someone’s mind instantly

Eye contact

The eye is the light to the soul. One way to know what a person is thinking or perceiving is through the eye contact. For instance, if someone looks at you and cannot take his or her eyes off you, then the person has a romantic interest in you. If you are talking to someone and looking into the eyes of the person but the person can’t look into your eyes, it means the person is nervous or has got something to hide.


Eyebrows will easily let you know whether a person is comfortable or not. Surprise, worry and fear are the three (3) main things that make the eyebrows go up. It is difficult to raise the eyebrows when having a relaxed conversation and cool conversation with someone. If you are talking to someone and the person raises the eyebrows, then it’s one of the 3 above which indicates the person is not comfortable.


Have you ever encountered people giving you fake smiles? Well, it’s easy to determine whether a smile is fake or not. The mouth can fake a smile but the eyes cannot. Genuine smiles create crinkles at the corner of the eyes. So when a person smile without crinkles at the corner of their eyes, then it means they are hiding something and that the smile is fake.

Side glance

When you meet someone and the person is ready to talk to you, the face will face you directly and look into your eye. When the person keeps glancing at sideways, then the person is not interested in the conversation.

Excessive nodding

Whenever you are talking to someone and the person nods, it shows an agreement or it shows that the person is listening to you. However, if the person nods excessively or often than normal, then it means the person is worried or nervous about what you are thinking about him or her or you doubt he or she is not following your instructions. 

Rubbing of hands

People mostly rub their hands when they feel good about something or when they are about to experience something good. 

Leaning towards you

If you are talking to someone and the person lean towards you, then it means the person is interested in what you are saying or what you are about to say. It also shows the kind of respect they have for you and also shows they want to confide in you. If the person lean backwards, it shows they are tired of the conversation or something is making them uncomfortable.

• Happy mothers hold their babies in their left arm while stressed or depressed mothers hold their babies in their right arm

• When someone mimic your body language, it means he or she wants to harmonize with you or the conversation is really going well.

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