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Try This And Your Days Of Crying When Chopping Onions Shall Be Over.

Hello lovely people. I apologise for taking such a long break without telling you. There were lots of things to be handled but praise be to Him all is well.

As my come back gift for you all I'll be telling you about a hack that can change your life. There have been a lot of other ways we would have most likely ever tried, but trust me, this is a life changer.

A lot of tears have been shed due to the lack of knowledge. We shall cry no more. Guess what, I'll be teaching you how to cut onions without crying.

I've heard several stories about how to avoiding shedding tears during the chopping of onions. From chewing gum to putting match sticks that just went off in your mouth throughout the chopping period.

Just as you might have experienced or guessed it doesn't work.

When cutting your onions just bear in mind that, you only cry when the onion starts bleeding. Use a sharp knife to cut to reduce the number of enzymes being released into the air. To avoid causing the onion to bleed please don't cut the root.

You can cut the head to make the peeling easier but not the roots, you will end up crying. Keep the roots on till the very last.

Do not be tempted to cut the root, it contains the most concentration of enzymes. When chopping start chopping from the head to the root. You can put your hand on the root to ensure you don't cut it.That way the onion won't bleed and you won't cry. You can also freeze of chill the onions to reduce the amount of gas that will be released.

This method is used by Chef Ricardo and other renowned world class chefs.

Why don't you give it a try? Before I forget you can soak the onions in cold water and sit in an open space, preferably outside to avoid crying. Thank you so much for reading. Don't forget to like, share and comment. See you next time, bye!

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