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Smile With These Hilarious Pictures Of The Day.

I don't think happiness is an event like the world cup which will come after 4 years or something like that. But I think happiness is the choice we make and we can make it whenever we want.

But what happens is this, we humans compare ourselves, ignore what we have what we should enjoy, and run after the things which we don't have which may be a person/thing from the past which is already gone or things about the future which are yet to happen.

We sacrifice today for tomorrow and think that we can enjoy tomorrow. But we don't consider the fact that tomorrow will also be today and in this way, the tomorrow never comes for which we sacrifice our today. And we invest our today for the tomorrow which is uncertain.

No one knows what will happen in the future and whether there will be tomorrow or not. So we should start enjoying today.

Happiness fills our mind and body with positive energy. It makes us look at life with optimism and hope. Nobody can be always happy. But all of us can set our minds to look at the positive side of things and be happy. Happiness is an attitude we can cultivate.

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