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Video: Slay Queen Serves Her Heavily Endowed Backside To A Young Guy On The Street

Many young people who wants to attract the attention of social media users and the media space do a lot of unusual things just to keep people and blogs talking about them. Most of these people who tend to be referred to as slay queens tend to achieve their aims as they end up getting a lot of social media audience to their various platforms and pages.

In a video which has recently hit online, a young lady who is seen to be heavily endowed with a huge backside was seen giving her backside to a young energetic guy to grind. Although, they could be seen to be dancing, I am of the view that, this kind of dance shouldn't be displayed outside not to talk of the streets.

This young guy seems to be enjoying every moment of the dance especially when he has to carry the lady and also when the lady laid her huge backside on him all in the name of dancing.


Content created and supplied by: DominicEdi (via Opera News )


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