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Remember 'Sobolo Ekum Fever'? Learn How To Make Prekese- Pineapple Flavoured Sobolo

Roselle juice, known as bissap, wonjo, foléré, dabileni, tsobo, zobo Hibiscus tea, or sobolo in parts of Africa, sorrel in the Caribbean, and agua de Jamaica in Mexico, is a drink made out of the flowers of the Roselle plant, a variety of Hibiscus.

It's enjoyed by both the young and old. Everyone likes sobolo or bissap in Ghana. The demand for it has created many business opportunities for lots of Ghanaians thereby reducing the unemployment rate. Sobolo is a part of every Ghanaians life.

If you were like me, then your love for sobolo made you take risks such as starving during break time just to save money to buy it on your home from school. There were even instances where like me, you had to walk home because you spent your lorry fare on sobolo.

In your free time, you can start calculating all the money you've ever spent on sobolo, you'll realise that if not for your mouth, who would have been Dangote, or Elon Musk that you can't rub shoulders with.

Sobolo or bissap is very simple to make. Just, sit back, relax and learn.


1. A cup of sobolo leaves.

2. Cloves.

3. Ginger.

4. Pineapple fruit.

5. Pineapple essence.

6. Tetrapleura tetraptera(prekese).

7. Sugar.


1. Pour the sobolo leaves into a cooking pot and pour enough water to cover it.

2. Wash and peel your pineapple.

3. Add your pineapple peels to the sobolo.

4. Dry fry your cloves, or simply add it to the sobolo.

5. Remove the peel of the ginger and blend it with the cloves. Pour the mixture into the sobolo.

6. Blend the pineapple. You can add it to the sobolo as it boils or add it after it's done boiling.

7. If you don't mind the taste of your pineapple being masked, you can add one full or one and half of prekese to the sobolo to boil. If not just add half.

8. Let the sobolo boil for about 20 to 30 minutes.

9. Sieve the sobolo till there's no residue in it. You can dilute it to your preference.

10. Add a tablespoon of the pineapple essence to it.

11. Add sugar to taste.

Based on personal experience I wouldn't advise anyone to take sobolo on an empty stomach unless maybe you've constipation. A few of the numerous health benefits of sobolo include, boosting your immune system to fight off infections and diseases due to its high vitamin C levels, it also regulates BP and reduces hypertension due to its diuretic properties. A diuretic basically helps you urinate a lot to regulate your BP thereby reducing hypertension.

Thank you. Don't forget to like,share and follow me. Stay safe bye.

Content created and supplied by: Mandeiya (via Opera News )

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