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"Make Women Chase You" - 3 Spicy Things To Do To Win Your Day

Winning your day is a bit interesting provided you put in all the neccessary measures in place to achieve what you want. My life as an alpha male has been characterized with hardwork and dedication to the bearest minimum. Even when I feel like giving up in life, I remember why I set myself on the pitch and that has made who I am today. You can probably become the best version of yourself if you willing to put in the work required to win the day.

There are certain gist that would help you to keep focus and attain your goals. Here are 3 things to do to win your day. 

1. Plan Your Day A Night Before 

Yes, this can be a bit stressful but it works wonderfully. Alpha males are guys who vote themselves off the island and hustle for their survival. They are really hungry for success and they don't make women their topmost priority. They often be the last to go to bed and be the first to wake from sleep. My years of been an alpha male has thought me more than I expected. 

2. Become Time Conscious

Indeed, time is the greatest asset of an Alpha Male. They are time conscious whenever they set up their minds to do something. I get attracted to most women due to my effort in making out something positive everyday. I'm always been seen as the cool and business minded guy who has little or no interest in women. 

3. Remove Distractions 

Distractions has always been the worst enemy of an alpha male that makes them to retrogress. Alpha males are committed in starving their distractions and feeding on their focus than the idle man who is easily blown by the waves of the wind. Women love guys who are determined and able to starve their distractions for years just to attain their goal. This cannot be underestimated since it is a powerful tool to become the best version of yourself. 

Thanks for reading. Kindly follow me for more interesting relationship tips. 

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