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The Simplest Way To Prepare And Dress Fresh Fish For Meal Preparation

Many women dislike cooking fish because they claim it is difficult to prepare it for a meal. However fish contains very essential nutrients and many people advocate that fish should be a household substitute for red meat as red meat causes lots of health problems.

So ladies if it's the processing of my he fresh fish that has got you burdened then please this article is for you.

When you get fresh fish and you intend to cook with it the first thing to do is to let it thaw. Yes let all the ice come out of it so that you get the fish back to its soft face. People say that when it's completely thawed it is difficult to take the scales off but no that is not true. 

When the ice is completely out get a normal table spoon and take the scales off. Using light strokes against the direction of the scales. 

Gone are the days when knives were used to descale fish and we were always cutting our hands.

Well some women also prefer that the market women descale their fish and dress it for them. Well it's a matter of choice but hey I wouldn't let anyone go near my fish.

Others also put drops of lemon on the fresh fish to take the fishy smell away.

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