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Full Meaning Of Mr, Mrs, RSVP, AM, PM, SIM, Eg And Other Acronyms

Abbreviations are used by people almost every day. Some users don't know what they mean but know how to use abbreviations correctly. For example, many people use Mr. and Mrs. correctly but do not know the full meaning.

In this article, I will share with you the full meaning of some commonly used abbreviations and expressions.

1 am and evening

Both are often used to indicate the time of day. For example, I arrived home at exactly 4 pm.

A.M stands for Ante Meridiem, while P.M stands for Post Meridiem.

2 for example

For example, it is mainly used before a list of examples is given.

For example, I bought some tableware, such as spoons, plates, and glasses.

For example the short form of "Cited Example"

3 etc.

ETC is usually used after a few instances.

This is the Latin word "et cetera" which means another person of the same kind.

4. .С.В.П

If you take a good look at the ceremony invitation letter, you will see this word below.

It means "answer s'il vous braid" in French and "please answer" in English.

5 SIM cards

SIM is short for Subscriber Identity Module


SMS means short message service


This is a shortened form of the word personal identification number

8. MR & MRS

They are used to distinguish the sexes and are used before official names such as Mr. Rodgers is used.

MR stands for "Mature Responsible" and MRS stands for "Mature Responsible and Submissive".

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