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You Are Good At Something.

Life seems tough and difficult at times. Do not lose hope. Something will work out.

Never think you are good for nothing. You are actually good at something but you probably have not discovered it yet.

Life has seasons, and they come and go. Do not allow your situation today inform your mindset negatively. You will make it.

Some successful people started from the scratch. They were not born with silver spoon in their mouth but they have made it.

If you have not discovered your self and what you are good at yet, observe yourself, study your self, ask your friends about what you seem to be good at.

Just start from somewhere. With determination and hard work, you will make it one day.

Do not let your current situation discourage you. You can also make it. Just say focused and know you were born for a reason. You are probably good at something. You just need to discover it.

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