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Shockingly, see the true meaning of the lines in your hand.

Your palm print is the blue print of your life. It tells everything about you, your past , present, future health and more. Everything on your palm means something not even the nails! Once the lines is on your hand it cannot be erased till you die. These Lines are add on through your lifetimes due to the electromagnetic changes sent by your brain.

You will get no that new lines generally develope on the dominate hand _ the one you write with. The other hand is your destiny, not your past life.

The life line is the first line that is formed on the palm and appears by the time the human embrayo is just eight weeks old ,then the line quickly Followed by the Heart line and the Head line. It interesting to note that these lines appear before the baby is able to may any movement. This means they are not merely 'flexure' lines caused by bending the hand as some critics of Palmestry reading claims.

It is observed that your hand gives outline of your life but it only tentative outline. You have the final decision on the course of your life. Palmestry can point out the forces that operate within you and it can also reveals the logical results of these forces.

The study of the line and signs of the hands can be traced back as far as the stone age. Pictures of human hands are frequey found in cave drawing , indicating their special interest in y body

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