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What to do in your 20s to avoid regrets in your 30s and 40s

This is an interesting topic right? Time they say waits for no man, as life continues, even after the day you have your last breath. In today’s article, I bring to you all, some things to do while in your 20s, be it early or late so as to not have any regrets in the years ahead. 

Eat healthy and exercise more:

Did you know that what we eat today is what would affect us tomorrow, without even realizing it? The mouth takes in any food but the body doesn’t. Drink a lot of water and if possible walk for about 20 minutes, when you can. Walking is also a form of exercising. For my ladies, you can squat when you feel like you have walked enough and my men, place your arm towards a wall and as if you are resting on it, do push-ups as many as you can. 

Carefully choose the people you want in your circle:

Are you going for people who would elevate you in your personal growth or people who are just going to bring you down? In some years to come, how do you envision your circle? With people with productive minds or those who just sit and talk about other people without doing anything. 

Have effective communication skills:

The way you talk represents how you are on the inside. Sometimes, we let emotions get the best of us, and what comes out of our mouth, isn’t that pleasant. Kindly watch what you say because words cannot be taken back and it would really help in the future. No matter how infuriating someone can be, take a deep breath, calm down and don’t let the person get to you emotionally. 

If you get the chance to travel, do it:

Don’t always stay at one place. Move about; meet new people, understand how other cultures are, learn new languages. It is never too late to learn something new, even if you have to go alone. Don’t have a boring life. Add some spice to it and just go for it. 

Celebrate small wins:

No matter how small they are, your main concern should be how far you’ve come, be it in life or business. The outcome of yesterday is different from today and you are reaping results positively. Don’t rush especially in the financial aspect of life, for you would definitely get there. 

Thank you for reading. 

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