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Stop doing these 7 things if you are a guy in your 20s so you don't ruin your life

Do you have that consuming fire, that infer in you that makes you need to be fruitful throughout everyday life? Well it is something that is difficult however that inspiration resembles gold for we men and we ought to want for it each and every day. 

Presently, you and I can have that consuming inspiration so today, Clintonupdate will be discussing 7 mix-ups we make at 20 years old or more that could destroy us. 

1.Being lazy

Do you know why I recorded this as the main (1)? This is on the grounds that this can execute you both actually and intellectually. Indeed, even apathy is not welcome in the personality of an adherent of Jesus. You're not busy, simply resting ordinary isn't right. 

According to Proverbs 6:9-11, it says “How long will you lie there, O sluggard? When will you arise from your sleep? A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest, and poverty will come upon you like a robber, and want like an armed man.”

2. Smoking weed

I have been to a club so often and I see a many individuals smoking weed, I simply bow and shake my little head. How might somebody be taking something which has no benefit to the body except for just drawbacks? It pesters me a ton and I wish any individual who smokes weed or smokes at all is perusing this at the present time. 

Presently, smoking weed has been logically demonstrated to influence your memory, which is the piece of the cerebrum that pushes you to make arrangements for what's to come. Presently if your cerebrum is harmed, how might you think straight? How might you get ready for what's to come? Be wise! 

3. Being on your phone for a long period of time

Our young people today I can say have another god, which is their telephones. You can't see anybody without a telephone and regardless of whether their folks are helpless they go additional miles to get one, you understand what I mean. 

Being on your telephone for a significant stretch of time particularly when you are doing nothing truly significant is awful for you. At any rate when you realize you are harming something you are receiving something consequently however what could a diversion video and essence offer you as a trade off? 

It influences your wellbeing so gravely when you utilize the telephone each time on the grounds that the blue light is harming to your eyes and above all; it fools your mind into believing it's still daytime even around evening time. Think about what occurs? This doesn't permit you to rest around evening time. 

4. Comparing yourself to others

This does not only cause jealousy but it is one of the major causes of low self esteem. Everybody is unique in their own way. The guy you admire, wants to be like someone else and someone else also wants to be like you. So guys, we are all unique. You can't be like Nigga B or C instead you can be more than them. Just focus on building yourself.

5. You Masturbate

Masturbation is a killer of dreams and motivation. 99% of guys are guilty of this. But guess what? Masturbation affects your brain, it makes you addicted, Masturbation influences your mind, it makes you dependent, it makes you dull, it decreases your sexual ability as a man.

Masturbating everyday is killing so STOP IT!

6. Drinking alcohol

It's more similar to a practice now that any individual who is feeling terrible or having issues become inebriated to get over what they feel however that doesn't help at all in light of the fact that when you awaken, you will get back to your old state. And one thing about being drunk is that you would realize that the most foolish things are done in your drunken state. I would love to ask this, what's your gain in alcoholism? It's not a permanent solution to your problems as they would come flooding back when you're sober.

7. You Woo Every Girl

Most Ghanaian folks are pulled in to each delightful woman with ass or bums that passes by and can't simply prevent themselves from going to charm or whistle her. You don't have the foggiest idea what her identity is or where she is coming from. 

This is exceptionally off-base, it makes you look modest, jobless and of a low mindset. 

Genuine folks don't do this! Stop it. 

Presently, it's a test to the folks, in case you're not blameworthy of any of these, distinguish yourself. 

So guys, which one of these are you guilty of? Voice out your opinions, don't forget to like, share.

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