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"They Call Me A Witch But I Got Paralyzed From A Wrong Injection" Abandoned Mame Yaa Reveals

Ghana looks very small on the world map, a bit larger on the actual land but very large in terms of where people live in their respective homes and villages and that in a way makes it possible not to get to know everyone's problems.

Somewhere in the Central Region in an Ekumfi district, a town called Essakyir a young lady called Mame Yaa has been going through a lot and she and a particular elder revealed some things she has been going through all these years.

Mame Yaa is a 28 year old lady but she looks like a 10 year old girl. She has severe difficult in walking. She cannot walk up straight like others do, she walks whiles sitting.

Mame Yaa was found and got interviewed about how, why and what happened to her that she is unable to walk like other people.

Mame Yaa revealed that she was not born like that, but she knows she has been like this for a very long time. She also said that she can't go to school because the place is far and she can't walk to school, but she needs something that can help her to walk.

She revealed that they call her a witch because of how she looks and the fact that she cannot walk. Currently her mom is sick and has been taken away for sometime now and her father has also passed away. She has no one to take care of her.

So fortunately an elder was passing by and he was asked what happened to Mame Yaa, he revealed that actually when she was younger she got injected with a wrong injection and that got her into that state at the moment.

This is a sad story of a young lady in Essakyir in the central region.

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