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She is Peter Mac Manu's Daughter In-Law and The Incoming CEO of The National Youth Authority. PICS

Throughout the world today, the youth are recognized as one of the most important human capital. Efforts at enhancing the overall development of young people are therefore considered an important part of our national development agenda.

The National Youth Authority (NYA) was established in 1974 by NRDC 241. It is thus, a Statutory Public Organization with the mandate to co-ordinate and facilitates youth empowerment activities in Ghana to ensure development of the Ghanaian the youth as a whole. The Authority was formerly known as “the National Youth Council (NYC).” In 1981, by an administrative directive, the Council was transformed into a “Commission” status as “the National Youth Organizing Commission” with the focus to organize a mass national youth movement called the “Democratic Youth League of Ghana (DYLG).”

With the inception of constitutional rule in 1992, the Commission status reverted to the “Council” once more. In consequence of a statute law revision exercise under the laws of Ghana (Revised Edition) Act, 1998 (Act 562), the nomenclature of the Authority was changed to the current, “National Youth Authority”.

The core functions of the National Youth Authority are to formulate policies and implement programmes that will promote in the youth, develop the capacity of the youth to participate in decision-making at all levels, establish and supervise youth leadership and skills training institutes; and in collaboration with the Ghana Youth Federation, organize annual youth conferences at the national, regional and district levels, to ensure the above objects and functions are well-coordinated.

However the CEO that was appointed by the President, Mr. Sylvester Tetteh has moved on in a bigger way, as he has just successfully contested and won the NPP Parliamentary seat for the Bortianor-Ngleshie-Amanfro Constituency, creating a vacuum at the authority now. However, reliable information indicates that, the current Deputy Chief Executive, Mrs. Akosua Manu who is in charge of Finance and Administration will be promoted to become the CEO soon.

Mrs. Akosua Asaa Manu is Ghanaian Social Marketer, until her appointment as the Deputy Chief Executive in charge of Finance and Administration, at the nation's foremost youth focuses organization, the National Youth Authority. It didn't come as a surprise to many observers, as she had served actively in the now first family's house and office as a personal assistant.

As a political activist and obviously a member of the New Patriotic Party. In 2016, Manu joined the campaign team of the New Patriotic Party working under the social media division. As a result, she was appointed to the office of the First Lady to serve as the deputy Director of Communications in 2017. In that same year, she joined the New Patriotic Party's communication team, rising to the position of the Deputy Director of Communications at the Office of the First Lady of Ghana, Rebecca Akufo-Addo.

She is also married to the NPP's Former Chairman and most recent 2020 NPP Elections Campaign Manager, Peter Mac Manu's son and together, they have two children.

Starting off her career in the rising banker, sector Mrs. Manu worked with Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) where she undertook her one year mandatory national service. Luckily, she was immediately recruited and continued to work there, but this time, specifically as part of a large team at the systems and back office administrator at GCB after serving as a national service personal there. She soon moved on, as she left by 2014 completely to join the Max International as a social marketer. Earlier in 2012, she tried her hands at fashion entrepreneur when she started a small fashion and clothing business.

Her social marketing business rose fast, as she brought her A game to interpersonal relationships and communications coupled with had a great company of reliable family, friends and associates, who patronized her beauty and heath products by Max International and soon, she rose through the ranks to attain a diamond associate status at Max International, that is not an easy feet to achieve within the short space of time, she had been involved with the company, as she became known to be one of the successful and influential people in the social marketing industry in the firm.

Menu had her secondary education at Wesley Girls' Senior High School and then proceeded to the University of Ghana where she obtained a bachelor's degree in Economics. Kozie, as she is affectionately referred to, is a highly inspired Business Coach, Communication and Digital Brand Strategist professional and is driven by the everyday stories of “success against all odds” and picks great inspiration from Beyonce, Oprah and Serena Williams.

She also has a very soft side where she demonstrates activism towards sócio economic empowerment of the less privileged. She actively supports a charity called Child Initiative which feeds a thousand schoolchildren weekly.

When she is not busily transforming lives, she is either supporting Manchester United, buried in books or probably dancing out her heart. Kozie is full of life and is highly and passionately motivated to achieve. To her the sky is only a stepping stone to the limits beyond. Many believe that, Akosua represents a new breed of esteemed and dynamic women straddling both public and private sector and along many roles and her impressive credentials so far are indicative of a woman with a great future.

With the new portfolio, yet to finally confirmed from the Presidency as the new CEO of NYA observers, trust Kozie to live up to expectations, as a trailblazer, workaholic and goal-oriented young woman, since she must choose not only to be a tower of hope but also someone who has a point to prove, as the first female CEO of this important organization.

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