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If you like to Sleep under fan at night, Expert have this to warn about

It is a common thing nowadays to find people keep their fans on throughout the day and at night, basically because the heat in the atmosphere can be very uncomfortable. While this can be understood and considered to not be harmful, there are experts who are warning about some repercussions of this habit.

The fan, an invention to direct air towards an area where it is needed, has been seen as a saviour to many sleepless nights for people. This invention dates back to a period where royals would have servants stand by them to wave huge fluffy plates to provide some cool.

Fortunately, technology has metamorphosed that invention into one that can be powered by electrical energy. This invention can be regulated to help power more air or reduce it. Nights have become cosy with the assistance of this tech that can work 24/7.

Even now, more people are compelled to use the fan because of the rate of heat in the environment. Heat breeds a lot of discomforts and gives people sleepless nights. So the use of a fan sounds good in solving the problem.

However, the use of the fan during sleep is being discouraged by experts. This is why...

When you take a look at the fan, dust can be seen around the blades. One will ask, "where are the dust from?" They are from within the room the fan was installed in and the dust is in the air circulating. This means that when the fan is on, it is more likely to be blowing dust towards the individual or items positioned in the way of the fan. So it is not healthy to inhale air from a fan, especially those in the room.

Secondly, when there is a concentration of it on an individual, the cold air can make muscles tense up and cramp. This will lead to certain issues with the bones, and result in certain diseases.

Thirdly, in case of a fire outbreak, a fan will help the fire to spread rapidly and consume anything in its way. This could be averted only if fans are turned off during sleep.

Finally, talk about a waste of electricity, but this point is not solid. So we will replace this point with the fact that sweat is good for the body. The one way the body can get rid of waste is through sweating. So when fan quickly cools off the body, there will be a lot of waste in the body, which would lead to more illness in the individual.

I hope we take a cue or two from this so that we do jeopardise our lives because we just want to feel comfortable in the interim

Thank you for reading. Let me know what you think of this piece.

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