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What do the position of your rings say about your personality?

1.Ring on the thumb finger

By wearing a thumb finger ring on your active hand which could be the right hand or the left hand, it shows you are ambitious. If you wear it on your passive hand’s thumb, it symbolises inner conflict. As per palmistry, a ring on your thumb shows willpower and self assertion.

2. Ring on index finger

If someone wears a ring on the index finger, it reflects self esteem, confidence and leadership qualities, if it is worn on the active hand. In case the ring is being worn on the passive hand’s index finger, then it means that the person accepts leadership. As per palmistry, the index finger symbolises leadership and ambition.

3.Ring on middle finger

The middle finger is all about responsibility, beauty and self analysis. Not many people wear a ring on the middle finger. But if someone is wearing one on either hand, it indicates responsibility. This is one reason why family heads wear a ring on their middle finger.

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