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There is an Active LGBT Group Based in Kumasi and was Established a Decade Ago. EVIDENCE

There is another vibrant LGBT Group promoting their activities in the heart of Kumasi, in the Ashanti Region! No long talk needed, just read what their website ( says and see the pictures to back this claim! The Authorities must be up and doing! If i can find them sitting behind my laptop, they should be doing better.


Screenshot of their active Twitter Page

African Equality Centre (AEC) is a Ghanaian-based LGBTI+ led non-profit organization that works for the improvement of social justice, equality and respect for human dignity through advocacy and human rights education programs. And also, focus on empowering the youth to build safe and inclusive communities for the vulnerable.

The organization was founded in 2013 and was legally registered on 25th August 2019. Our aim is to work towards a Ghana where everyone is equal irrespective of sexual orientation, gender or identity.

The Values of African Equality Centre

Celebrating and recognizing diversity.

Utilizing the diverse backgrounds to empower the youth for positive change in society.

Creating equal opportunities to end discrimination.

Building stronger communities regardless of gender, race, religion, age, disability or sexuality, to be inclusive.


We exist to improve social justice, equality, respect for human dignity and empower the youth to build safe and inclusive communities for the vulnerable.


To ensure a society that celebrates diversity and acknowledges the dignity of persons and embraces full human rights for all people.

Aim and Objectives

To provide peer support and mentoring to community members.

To empower members to self-mobilize for their issues that affects the community.

To develop awareness campaigns and educate the community on sexual health and rights.

To provide support for people in groups and enable them to be more confident in whom they are.  

To create safe spaces for the vulnerable.

Picture taken from their Facebook page: African Equality Centre

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African Equality Centre Ashanti Region Ghanaian-based Kumasi LGBT


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