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How To Become A More Confident Speaker

How to Be a Confident Speaker: 12 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

The way we converse with others is incredibly important and is a tool that is used to judge. Whether we like it or not, people infer all sorts by the way we speak. This informative video will help you to present yourself in the best light by helping you to speak elegantly and with grace.

This article analyses the deeply entrenched habits you may have developed over the years that hold you back from speaking elegantly. I discuss the techniques and the skills that you should start to develop to allow you to speak confidently and with poise.

Do not fill silence with irrelevant talk. Be intentional in your communication and avoid asking closed questions which require a yes or no answer. 

Don’t start spilling more about your personal life just so you can get the conversation flowing. Instead, allow the other person to tell you more about themselves so that they can feel important. Backtrack to a previous conversation as both of you know a little about the topic.

Standing upright as posture is one of the first things that people notice. Keep your back straight and shoulders back. If your shoulders are hunched, you give the impression that you are filled with dread or you do not want to be there with the person you are talking to. Keep your feet towards you listener to show that you are engaging with them and avoid keeping your hand in your pocket or behind your back.

When you cross your arms around your chest while speaking with someone, you may give the impression that you are closed off and not receptive to what is being discussed.

Finally, look people in the eye and don’t stare. Failure to maintain good eye contact with the person you are talking to can risk jeopardizing the opportunity to get your ideas out and build strong personal and business relationships over time.

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