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This LGBTQ Thing Is A Small Seed; The Moment You Sow It, It Can Grow Into An Oak Tree – Adams Bona

A security Analyst, Adams Bonaa has warned Ghanaians against accommodating the LGBTQ movement which has currently taken over all major discussions in Ghana. According to him; this LGBTQ thing is like a small seed; the moment you sow it, it can grow into an oak tree.

Adams Bona who was a panelist on GHONE television’s BREAKFAST REVIEW program made this statement to advice Ghanaians against allowing the LGBTQ movement to take hold in the country.

“this LGBTQ thing we are talking about is like a small seed. The moment you sow it, it can grow into an oak tree. And the moment it grows into an oak tree, it is uncontrollable.” – He advised

According to him; then others around the world who believe in this kind of act will now come and impose themselves on us.

He asked that; when this LGBTQ thing started, how many countries accepted it? there were very few. At the moment, they’ve been able to infiltrate many countries. And this LGBTQ place they’ve setup in Ghana is the seed they are sowing.

I wouldn’t the situation where my son will come and tell me; ‘daddy am gay’, I would not like it. I don’t think any parent in Ghana will hear his son or daughter to say they belong to this group.

He asked that; Do you see cats doing it? do you see dogs doing it? and even if we see animals doing it, we try to separate the animals, let alone human beings.

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