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Cooking with Gas Cooker Is Dangerous, Here Are 5 Things You Should Avoid

Over the years we have gradually transitioned from the popular use of wood and petroleum stoves to the era of gas and electric stoves, but as we all know, each new technology has its advantages and disadvantages. Using a gas stove is no exception.

It's hard to see a household without a gas stove these days, especially those living in commercial cities like Lagos, Onitsha, Abuja, Kano, etc.

Using gas stoves is usually dangerous because of the risks associated with liquefied gas. Liquefied gas is flammable, tends to ignite with each failure.

Here are 5 precautions you should take when cooking on a gas stove or living in a home that has one.

1. Do not smoke when cooking with gas or smoking near bottles: As we often see in gas stations, smoking near flammable gases/liquids is very dangerous as it will explode if any unknown leaks can ignite.

2. Avoid calls when cooking on gas: A very important factor to avoid this is our habit of taking calls anywhere regardless of the risk.

3. Do not shake the gas bottle before use: This aspect is for students, they are the ones who shake the gas bottle to determine the amount of gas. This practice has the potential to explode.

4. Do not leave food on the gas to solve other problems: It is recommended to close the gas cylinder before doing anything else. This will help save you from a possible outbreak.

5. Avoid turning on lights or using other electrical appliances after smelling gas in your home. We recommend that you open windows and doors carefully and then monitor where the gas is coming from.

Remember that the safety of life and property must be our priority.

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