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Many Problems Can Be Addressed To When You Complete These Simple Directions

Plants are with supernatural powers and you will need someone with a spiritual ability and knowledge about these plants before it could be advisable to use else you will end up adding more problems to your problems.

In the olden days, our fathers used plants to cure a lot of ailments and spiritual afflictions. Here comes a new generation where plants are being dumped because of something we call Technology. 

In this article today, I shall show my readers and followers a direction on how to use the Tameawu plants together with Florida water and the Bible to protect themselves from the spirit of the waters and open their spiritual eyes.

I will urge my readers to take note of these points carefully before they complicate things;

  1. At midnight at exactly midnight, fetch a bucket of water and put in it a crystalized salt.
  2. Stir the water completely to get a uniform mixture.
  3. Pour from the head of the Florida water two droplets.
  4. Pluck one of the Tameawu plant from its branch and put it into the salt solution.
  5. Open your Bible at Psalm 23 and recite over the water for more than 10 minutes and say whatever that you want God to do for you, most especially to protect you from spiritual blindness and marine spirits.
  6. Now wash with the water while reciting Psalm 23 until the water gets exhausted.
  7. After the thorough wash, do not wipe yourself with a towel, rather leave yourself wet and wait till the water gets dried on you.
  8. When you get inside your room, inhale some of the Florida water three times and smear the rest on your face.
  9. Be sure to have prayed to God before sleeping.
  10. Early in the morning before talking to someone, pluck one of the leaves of the Tameawu and chew it.
  11. Follow these same steps for seven days.

I believe this article was helpful to my cherished readers. In case of any doubt, a reader can forward the question to me in the comment section for a further explanation. Thank you.

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