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Restaurant charges a man for use of tray; man gets angry and lashes out.

A man took to Twitter to lament after a restaurant he went to eat at charged him for a use of a tray. According to the Twitter user, he was charged a sum of N500 for being served with a tray.

He didn't complain over any other charge but shared the receipt of payment and wrote; "How do you charge me for the tray you used to bring the food I bought from you"

A man took to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction with the restaurant that he paid, for a use of tray. 

He was quite angry over this but he could not say anything at the restaurant. He said that he did not say anything because he did not want to create a scene. However, he was very displeased and shared his dissatisfaction on Twitter.

"How much do you charge for the tray you used to deliver the food I purchased from you?", he wrote.

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