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Naming Effect We Don't Probably Take Note Of But Tends To Harm Us

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Name is a word or set of words that can be addressed or referred to an individual and it's no surprise everything in this world has a name whether worthless or valuable from living things to non-living things. 

Basically, anything that has a name has meaning as well and people tend to give or take names for themselves or others based on reasons known to them. Such names then have effects on every aspect of our lives whether in riches or hardship.

Olden days, before a newborn baby is to be named the family comes together and gives a name that carries a message when mentioned and even directs the paths of the child. A name among themselves in the family with good records, not an ordinary name with the motive that the child will one day grow and be like that person. Some also give names that bring hope to the child, names like Joseph, Hannah, Abraham, Jacob whose name later was changed to Israel because of the impact it had on his life.

However, in today's world, we give a name to its sound and not the meaning. Most given names are from movies, favorite musicians and so on which are wrong because we don't know them personally. And one thing we should be mindful of is, movies are scripted and whoever we tend to name our child or anything to will not live a scripted life but the real life of the characters who played such roles in the movie.

For instance, when using a cream on the skin you expect it to be semi-solid. How will you feel when you went for a cream and when opened it was solid?. So here the product did not correspond with the name. 

And that's how we appear when our name does not correspond with ourselves, so naming is very important whether nick-names or real names have some sort of effect on us. 

In conclusion, let's all be mindful of our names and check their origin. 

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