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Funny stories for the day.


A blind man visit Ghana. When he gets to his hotel room, he feels the bed. “ Wow, this bed is big ! ”

“ Everything is big in Ghana, ” replied the bell hop.

The man head downstairs to the bar. He settled into a huge bar stool and order a beer. A mug is placed between his hands. “ Wow these drinks are big! ”

The bartender replies, “ Everything is big in Ghana. ”

After downing a few, the blind man asks where the bathroom is. “ Second door to the right, ” the bartender replied.

The blind man head toward the bedroom but accidentally enters the third door, which leads to the swimming pool and he fell into the pool. Popping his head up from under the water and flailing his arms, he shouts, “ Please don’t flush the toilet, there is someone inside. ”

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