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Read and be happy. Jokes of the day.

1.When you see a poor man eating chicken, He is either sick or the chicken was sick.

am a witness to this.

2.Imagine waiting for your HIV test report and you hear one of the nurses say, "Oh that fine guy..." Trouble has landed.

3.I'm officially tired of betting on soccer games....I now bet on boxing, even if I lose I know that the guy that made me lose got the beating of his life.

3.The moment I knew Ghana was in trouble was when someone stole his neighbor's white goat and dyed it black, only for the owner to say he recognizes his goat by its smell.

4.Do you know that crocodile was just an ordinary lizard before he join secret cult in1867 They won't tell you this da!

5.Oh hmm. Is not easy oh!. W.A.S.C.C.E RESULT IS OUT. Some guy came to show me his result he got 4 E‘s and 2 F’s He said his father says he should come n ask me which school he can go. I just told him Sunday school. 

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