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Twin Plantains Have Secret Spiritual Powers, Check Them Out

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Hmmm, most people don't believe in superstitions. There are so many superstitious sayings from our parents, but I'm sure you've never heard of them.

Some plantains come as twins, which are two straight plantains that come together naturally. They say we should refrain from throwing all the banana peels away if they stick together.

You have to separate it first before peeling it. This will reduce the risk of having conjoined twins in real life. When buying plantains, simply tell the seller that you don't want the linked plantains to be on the safe side.

This does not mean that compound plantains are inedible, it is perfectly edible. Just separate them before you start peeling. Plantains are highly nutritious, as they contain a limited amount of carbohydrates compared to most of the country's staple foods.

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