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The Essence of Living a Hygienic Life

Hygiene has been one of the key things that has been talked about in every aspect of our life. It is noticed that, people who do not practise good hygiene are not even attracted to people who practise and maintain proper hygiene. Right from our basic schools through to when we are mature, hygiene is a topic that is being echoed in our ears each and every day. Even if we hire someone to keep our surroundings clean for us, we are being reminded to keep our own bodies clean. 

In our Ghanaian homes, parents are the first people to teach children how to practise and maintain proper hygiene as they grow. This is the reason why children are taught to sweep their home instead of parents doing it for them. Some parents teach their children to scrub the bathhouse and washrooms when it gets dirty. Children are also taught to wash their clothes and dishes when they become dirty. Aside these, parents leave their children to clean their bodies when they are a bit mature to do that. With this, as the children grow, they learn to get rid of dirt on their bodies and surroundings. 

However, as people get exposure to different cultures and with the exposure to evolving technology, most people are developing the habit of not teaching their children to practise their own personal hygiene. Today, some people hire others to keep their homes clean on their behalf.

Although it is understood that they are busy with their work schedules and we believe they have already had their experiences during childhood, they forget to involve their children in cleaning the home. As the househelps take their time to clean the home, some parents want to avoid their children from helping in the cleaning process.

They advise their children to stay away from cleaning the home because they think their children may be exposed to too much dust which could cause them to fall sick or they might hurt themselves in the process. Even some parents without househelps, clean their own surroundings without even allowing their children to get involved in it.

They take it upon themselves to clean the home while their children watch television or study in their personal rooms. It is the duty of teachers to teach personal hygiene but, it takes the parent to help the child to know how to maintain hygiene practically. 

Even aside parents not allowing their children to clean their environment, there are still parents who do not ensure that their children take proper care of their bodies. Some parents wash the bodies of their children even if they are a bit matured, and as soon as there is no one to do it for these children, they are not able to clean their own bodies properly.

Some parents even think they are bordering their kids by ensuring they take proper care of themselves. Instead of forcing the children to clean their own bodies, they allow them to walk about freely, thinking this will rather make the children happy. 

In the long run, children from such homes end up in boarding houses and hostels and think their lives are being tormented when they are asked to do cleaning. Some of these children grow up and do not even know how to maintain personal hygiene. They are able to reproduce on paper ways to maintain hygiene but in real life, they do not know how to do it. This is why the country will continue to look dirty and these same people will put the blame on the government. 

In conclusion, even if we think we can employ househelps for the rest of our lives, we should try to get our children involved in sanitation practises because we do not know what the future holds. 

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