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These Are The Funniest Pictures Ever To Make You Laugh And Giggle All day

Hi dear readers, it is a special day to offer you these funny pictures to put a better smile on your face.

Funny Pictures do not only make you laugh but also make you feel happy and healthy and sometimes compel you to forget pains and sorrows.

Just take a look at the pictures below but remember not to laugh louder.

1. Sleeping at the duty post is sometimes funny. If your employer should come and meet you sleeping, how will you explain it to him/her? Robbers could equally kill you with your weapon.

2. Please which one of these is real love? (a). Sitting comfortably in a wheelbarrow whiles your lover is pushing. (b) carrying your lover on a bicycle. Just write your opinion in the comments section.

3. If the Bride happens to fall in the water will the bridegroom fall too? He should have been the one holding her hand to be sure that nothing will happen. So funny.

4. I could not laugh when I first saw this picture on my birthday. Please answer these questions for me in the comments section.

(a). Which country is this? (b) which town/city? (c). Will they get players here to play for the national team? I can't control my laughter. So hilarious.

5. Could this be love? Please someone should just advise this man. Now if your leg hit her would you say you are sorry or is intentional?

God bless you for reading but don't forget to share and follow for more funny trending articles.


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