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Bath With This leaf If You Want To Shine And Protect From Evil Spirit

This leaf it's English name is Newbouldia Laevis, this plant are normally planted in the homes and even sometimes find in some bushes,and it can be used for herbal medicine and can also be used to spiritual things as well.

This Newbouldia Laevis are widely good to the extend that everything that you need spiritual or physical it will do it for you, due to the restricted knowledge on it's relevance both physically and spiritually.

It is a dependable plant the fact is that, this plant possibly depend on it's own for survival, in every moment a person saying that him or her is sick of malaria or other kind of sickness just go and get this leaves , bring it home, wash it and boil as a rapid remedy for a such occurrence. let the infected person take it morning and evening and after three weeks everything will be fine.

Spiritually, whenever you are actually going to face someone in the court and you want to overcome the person bath with this leaf, or going for an interview or want to shine amongst your classmates or want to stand out, just go in for the leafs at 12:00am on the day you were born, and wash it nicely and say whatever you want onto the leaf, fetch a bucket of water and put the leaf, into it.

 Bath it in the midnight don't let anyone sees you, bath with the leave, don't add soap the process From head to toe.

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Bath English Newbouldia Laevis


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