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Check How To Use The Following English Phrases Correctly; Too Known And Guilty Conscious.

Many people do not know how to make use of most of the English words. Here is how to use two of the English words correctly:

1. Too Known;

Let us have two examples and see which is correct.

(a) Musah is too known. (incorrect)

(b) Musah is too knowing (correct)

Note: "Knowing" means cunning, wide awake, showing that one has intelligence, sharp wits etc.

People usually describe someone whose actions and utterances portray him as knowing too much or having sharp wits as "too known".

If you describe someone as too known, it means people know him much.

The second English word to look at is;

2. Guilty Conscious.

Let us take two examples too for this one.

(a) His guilt conscious will not make him accept this offer. (incorrect)

(b) His guilt conscience will not make him accept this offer. ( correct)

Note: Someone who has a guilty conscience feels guilty because he has done something wrong.

"Conscience" is a person's awareness of right and wrong with regard to his own thought and actions.

Example: His conscience was troubled by the unkind things he had said about his wife.

"Conscious", on the other hand, is knowing what is going on around you because you are able to use your senses and mental powers. For example; He signed the cheque in his conscious moments.

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