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A mother turns daughter's room into this, for not doing what she told her to do

A mother turns daughter's room into a place of punishment for not doing what she told her to do

Maame Akua got tired of asking her eight-year-old daughter to clean her bedroom every week so she decided to separate her from her toys and do the laundry.

The mother has turned her daughter's room into a "place" to teach her something for not cleaning her own room, in a parenting approach that most people will disagree with it.

She had given her daughter, Trinity a deadline to tidy up her room but realised it was still left like that.

She shows the eight-year-old's room on camera and reveals piles of clothes gathered on the floor.

Maame says: "Today, we are turning your room into a place you will live without going out, you will live with the things until you do what is expected "

Iknow this will probably be unliked by couples of this generation, but this is how she did it in her house.

How many of you there can do this to their kids?

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