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Funniest pictures and stories.

There are tons of funny pictures and memes on the Internet right now... But we try as much daily to put smiles on people's faces....

It's a tough one though but we try as much as possible to help people smile because laughter is known to treat people with depression and anxiety


A journalist was standing by the roadside. Suddenly, he heard a car screech and saw a huge crowd gather at the other end of the road.He got to the scene of the accident 5 minutes later and saw a mammoth crowd in an apparent circle. "The person down there must have been hit by a car", He thought to himself.He decides to investigate further and tries to force his way through the crowd but was unsuccessful. His journalistic skills kicked into gear and he shouted, "PLEASE! MAKE WAY! I AM THE SON OF THE VICTIM." The crowd suddenly made way. He got to the centre of the crowd's attention and found out that the "victim" lying on the ground was a GOAT 🐐 .


This is just a few we could lay our hands on.... There are lots of these funny pictures loading soon.

Kindly share with your contacts so they can smile too.

Thank you so much.

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