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How not to give up no matter the circumstances

Sometimes, life feels like there is absolutely nothing to keep fighting for and you just feel so down and emotionless. At other times, the zeal to fight further no matter the circumstances is like you can see success a few metres away. But one thing you should know is that no matter the feeling at any point in time, allow your brain to ring ,"Do not give up" to your head and heart. Feelings are just visitors; they come and go. Do not allow them to determine your decisions.

Feelings again are not a compass to show you directions in this journey of life. The mind, from my point of view, is the workshop of the body. Position your mind on the positive and always look out for the positive and your whole life turns the positive way with much enthusiasm and optimism. Try being negative with your thoughts as well and see how miserable you would remain all your life. Since the body gets tuned occassionally to what the mind says, it is in our best interest then that we think best at all times; sufferings, pains and tears are sure features of life, so are joy, peace and others. We must imprint that fact in our minds indelibly to be able to endure the pain while it lasts and laugh it all out when joy finds its way to our end at last. To remain focused, driven, motivated, and not give up on/in life no matter the circumstances, the foundation needs to be laid from the mind and the body follows suit.

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