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"Wonders Shall Never End" - See Pictures Of Plants That Eat Animals

It is strange and as well amusing to discover that there are actually in existence plants that eat animals. These carnivorous plants get hold of insects and animals and feed on them. Some do not actually absorb nutrients from them but kill them and dump them; they just lay hands on unfortunate preys without intending to feed on them.

Most of these plants possess sticky hairs with which they use in capturing preys and then dissolve them with the digestive enzymes secreted by their leaves.

Below are pictures of few examples of these plants;

Some e4xamples of these plants are as follow;

1) Trigger plant

2) Cobra Lily

3) Roridula

4) Venus flytrap

5) Butterwort

To watch a video that talks more about these carnivorous plants, click the video link below;

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Butterwort Roridula Venus Wonders


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